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The body does have the ability to heal, repair and maintain itself.  This ability is called “innate”.  This is an inherent design we are naturally born with.

When disease occurs, regardless of the name of the condition, it is vitally important to take a "wholelistic" approach addressing body, mind and spirit,  otherwise how can you possibly heal or correct the condition?  

Join me in living your best life Today! 







What patients are saying

Our paths first crossed over 6 years ago when my mom was fighting cancer and was directed to her office by another doctor. I will never forget the energy when Dr Julie walked into our room- so much positivity that we all started balling with a new hope for survival. Since that day so much has happened- I became her patient, she helped me overcome horrible neck pain, she has continually fed me invaluable information and helped me to discover a whole new side of medical care that I never knew existed. She gave me hope for a better, healthier future.

Since having kids, I lean on her even more than I did before. She is the first one I ask when I have any doubts, and she is ALWAYS happy to help. She has truly taken the role of Dr. Mom in my life and treats me like family and I couldn't be more grateful to have her. 

-Danielle M.

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