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Change your Mind,  Save your life!

 What if it is not as much as what you put or don't  put in your body, but what you put in your Mind on a daily basis, that is the difference that makes a difference. What if your beliefs about health, weight, sickness, cancer, metastasis and reocuurence were that, "They just do not exist or impact me!" What if you knew this in your mind, body, soul and emotions to be true? 

Would you be NED (No Evidence of Disease) effortlessly?


I am healthy, healed and whole. 

My body and mind are in a state of peace, happiness, joy and love. 

Always put aside AT LEAST twenty minutes for daily meditation. For me it’s brain tapping. I’m a maniac at manifesting! I truly am. Starve cancer. It became my mantra. I chant NED, NED I am Free, all day long. No evidence of disease!  I’ve become amazingly great at my visualizations. I wrap the dis-ease (lumps) in a cocoon lift them out of my body and they float away into neverland. I visualize Pac-Man coursing through my veins eating all circulating tumor cancer cells and stem cells.

I suggest doing yoga, deep breathing, meditation or whatever you may need to manage psychological stress. It’s a killer. 

Stress increases the underlying inflammation that drives all dis-ease and cancer growth.

Breathe in deep through your nose. Exhale slow out your mouth. Get relaxed. Look up and get to know God. He can carry you through your most difficult moments of any journey that you’re on. Pray, and silently talk with him. Ask Him what he wants with you. Tell Him what you would like to have happen with you. Hope and perseverance will carry you onward. Stay strong and positive.

Many prayers for you and your bright healthy future.

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