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Are you looking for a different perspective for you or your child’s ADD or ADHD symptoms? A variety of symptoms could be classified as characteristics of ADD or ADHD, but do you really need to medicate? There are many ways to approach these symptoms naturally. It’s widely supported that ADHD is a neurologic disorder.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Repeated exposure to these toxins can result in significant health risks. Heavy metal toxicity may cause or contribute to a number of unwanted symptoms including: anemia, learning deficits, behavior changes, tremors and other nervous system disorders, gingivitis, cancer, fatigue, headaches, memory difficulties, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism and MS. 

Order your hair test today.

Thyroid Disease

Are you taking thyroid medications and wish there was a safe alternative? Do you have all the symptoms of thyroid disease, but you are continually told it is normal? Often small variations in thyroid levels that are within the medically normal range can create severe symptoms.

Many physicians only test the TSH, however to accurately diagnose thyroid disease it is necessary to order the appropriate tests and to interpret them correctly.

High & Low Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a major building block for a healthy body. While optimal levels are best, it is vital to determine the cause of your high cholesterol before simply taking a statin.

Low cholesterol may be more dangerous as it puts you at greater risk for infections, malnutrition, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and reduces your ability to absorb fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D and K.


Taking care of your body while you are pregnant will effect the health of your unborn baby in later years.

You have to start young! You need to start serving nutritious foods at the start of baby foods and you need to educate your child on good nutrition and lifestyle habits nine years old and up.   


Eliminate meat, dairy, eggs and ALL sugar!

Maximize vegetables and water 

(real food grows in the ground)

There’s nothing more important than the immune system and prevention healing and repairing. 

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